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Remote verification of an offer on a car can save you time and money. Getting a visual and technical inspection of the car is an effective tool in the fight against unfair sellers.

People often buy with their emotions when on the spot. The pictures in the advert showed a great car? This is normal, traders often use the help of professional photographers and Photoshop. The condition of the interior does not match the description and the fender rusts? But it's my dream car, and besides it's a great ride! This is precisely what we want to protect you from.

Before you look at a used car – even if you just plan to have a quick look – you should gather as much information about it as possible. This way, you will be armed with the facts and able to look at the ad with a more critical eye to avoid unnecessary confusion. But if gathering all of this information seems overwhelming, look no further – contact our vehicle assessors today to book a pre-purchase inspection. And even when a car passes a positive verification but is located at the other end of the country, you can use an expert service that will perform a thorough on-site verification on your behalf.

Buying a used car does not have to be stressful – leave it to us.